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A Step by Step Guide Through the IMG Rental Application Process

Now comes the rental application, the first step to finally settling into a new home. We compiled a quick guide on what is included in the apartment application process and what to expect from us.

  1. Filling out a rental application

If you are interested in a property, the next step is to fill out the application online and then reach out the property management team to confirm all information below has been received. If you have a co-signer or plan on having roommates, they will also need to do the same. Every person planning to move in and occupy the premises MUST be included on the application. We offer an complete online application, but you can also apply in person.

Please have all the following information and required documents ready to complete application:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number(s)
  • Email address
  • Employment pay stubs and or any other income sources (SSI, Section 8 Voucher, Child Support Income)
  • Previous address
  • Previous landlord contact information
  • Pets (if applicable)
  • Emergency contacts
  • Driver License or State issued Identification Card
  • Social Security card
  1. Processing the application fee

The application fee funds the credit and background checks done on potential renters. It covers all the screening costs of each Adult (18+) applicant.

In some cases, the application fee may be accompanied with other processing fees. Ask the property manager about all the fees associated with the application for the property with HOA fee’s (Homeowners Association fees).

  1. Background check screening

If your credit score is low this will not stop the application, we are mostly checking for felony or criminal conviction cases and recent evictions. All will be discussed prior to approval, the applicant(s) may be required to pay a additional deposit.

  1. Proof of Income.

An important part of the rental application process is providing proof of employment and all income sources. Most landlords will ask for proof of income twice the rental amount. Sources may include, but are not limited to: copies of tax returns, recent pay stubs or other forms and receipts from an employer.

Depending on your job, you may also provide recent bank statements, copies of client contracts, or copies of one or two W-2 forms if need be.

Employment, background, and rental history checks usually take the longest, which is why most applications can take up to 72 hours. The rental application process time also varies depending on the property, so make sure to check with the property managers for the best estimated time.

  1. References

Although typically not required, you might want to think about attaching a landlord reference to the application as another way to improve your chances of approval or simply to set yourself apart from the other applicants. 

  1. Have good personal references

Personal references can be an asset to the approval process, a good personal reference may increase your application acceptance, especially if you don’t have a rental history. Much like landlord references, it means someone vouches for your character and accountability. While landlord references serve as a good benchmark for future landlords, personal references may come from a friend or colleague who knows you and can attest to your integrity.

Applying for an apartment might seem like a lot of work, but it’s all worth it in the end. If everything goes well, the final step of the rental process is paying your deposit, signing the lease and picking a good moving company.

  1. Signing the lease agreement

You’ve passed the application process, inspected the premises, checked for parking spaces, made a quick note of the neighbors, and went through your checklist of essential things you must do before moving into a new apartment.

It’s time to sign the lease!

This is when you discuss the required costs, like paying the security deposit and any additional fees. The Security Deposit is required at the signing of the lease agreement. Most landlords will ask for the equivalent of one or two months’ rent in case your break your lease, so bring a bank check and ask for receipts. This is also the time for any last-minute questions you might have, such as how soon can you get the keys to move in? 

It goes without saying that reading the lease agreement carefully with the property manager is essential. Make sure you take your time to understand the details in your lease before planning your move-in date, such as what happens if you must break the lease in case of unexpected circumstances.

Work Order

Rental Payment

  • Drop files here or
Smoke detector won’t work when testedMonthly check and replace battery. Notify maintenance at once if still not working
Smoke detector beeps softly on and offCheck and replace battery.
No power to plugs or switchesCheck breaker panel or fuse box. Check and reset.
Garbage disposal won’t workPush reset button on disposal or use allen wrench and turn.
No hot waterCheck thermostat on hot water tank. Is pilot light lit? Check breaker panel or fuses valve closed.
Hot water “TOO HOT”Check thermostat on tank and turn down.
Faucet or toilet leaksTurn off water fixture under sink, toilet at valve and notify maintenance.
Toilet pluggedTry plunger. If still plugged call maintenance.
Sink pluggedRemove hair from drain
Heater not workingCheck thermostat. Check button or pilot lights. Furnace covers on correctly? Is pilot light lit? Breaker tripped?
Dishwasher won’t drainClean food out of bottom of dishwasher. Clean float. Rinse dishes before washing. Use jet dry once a month. Jet dry prevents hard water build up.
Refrigerator too warm or too coldCheck thermostat, set correctly. Front and Back grills clean. Clean out drain hole.

IMG Management Tenant’s Page

As a resident of a rental home managed by IMG Management, we want you to treat the home as if it were your own and be respectful of your neighbors.  Taking good care of the property also leads to a faster return of your deposit when you move out.

Your lease outlines your full responsibilities however, below are some general responsibilities.

  • Keep the property clean and orderly, inside and out
  • Set up utilities in your name prior to moving in – electricity, water, gas, trash
  • Care for landscaping and exterior – lawn, and minor trimming and weeding of shrubs and flowerbeds, sidewalks (e.g., show removal), exterior light bulbs, window cleaning
  • Pest control
  • Complete minor and seasonal maintenance – changing light bulbs, furnace filters, refrigerator water filters, and batteries in detectors; maintaining water softener and purification systems, keeping vents clean
  • Comply with local, state and Home Owner Association (HOA) property codes, rules and regulations

Contact our office if you would like a referral for a vendor for services listed above.

Owner Responsibilities

IMG Management and/or the owner of the rental home you lease are responsible for:

  • Ensuring the rental property is clean, safe, and ready for occupancy
  • Re-keying all doors leading to the outside for security
  • Complying with state and federal laws pertaining to required detectors in the home
  • Providing residents with a copy of applicable HOA rules

Rent Payment

You will receive a login for your own online account, where you can pay the rent each month. We encourage you to set up automatic, recurring payments to ensure on-time payment, peace of mind, and be eligible for the Real Property Management Resident Club where you can save hundreds of dollars a month on items you purchase every day. Simply sign up with the link after paying online.


Maintenance Request

We want to ensure every rental property stays in great shape, and we encourage you to request maintenance when appropriate to possibly prevent larger issues or costly repairs.  When maintenance or repair is needed, log in to your online account or call our maintenance hotline.

preparing_1Long-Term Relationship

Our goal is to maintain positive relationships with both our property owners and tenants, and ensure you are satisfied.  If you are pleased with our service, please email us and offer to post a positive review or provide a testimonial for future marketing use.

Likewise, when you decide to move, buy a home or car, or get a new job, Real Property Management will support you by offering a payment history and providing you a letter of recommendation provided you have paid your rent on time and have taken care of the property.


All standard Florida Residential Lease Agreements auto-renew every year for an additional 12 months, 30 days prior to the lease expiration. If you do not wish to auto-renew your lease, you must send us a “Notice to Vacate” notification online or by mail within 60 days of lease end date.

If you are on a lease that is not a standard IMG Management lease, then you should refer your lease to learn the terms of its renewal and your responsibility to give notice to vacate.

There are several ways to convey your “Notice to Vacate” form to us.

  1. EASIEST: Use the Notice to Vacate form: Click the tab to fill out the form and submit it 60 days prior to your lease expiration. You will receive an email confirmation that the Notice has been received. 
  2. Send Mail: A certified letter of request to terminate or non-renew to IMG Management and call 561-376-2292 for most up-to-date mailing address.
  3. Email: Send request to Please include your move-out date.


Schedule your move-out inspection walk-through appointment:                          

  • Contact IMG MANAGEMENT: 561-376-2292 to schedule a move-out appointment.
  • IMG MANAGEMENT only performs move out appointments during weekdays, M-F 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Remember to supply a forwarding mailing address and telephone number for your security deposit refund.

Showings to prospective tenants during the notice to vacate period:

IMG MANAGEMENT may show the property to prospective tenants after any notice has been received. During the notice period IMG MANAGEMENT may place a yard sign or window signage and a lock-box on the door. The property may be shown by IMG MANAGEMENT staff or by licensed real estate agents. When either a IMG MANAGEMENT staff member or a real estate agent has a prospective tenant who wants to see the property, we will give you a courtesy call prior to showing the property. If we do not get a reply to our courtesy call message, we will show the property at the time noted in the message we left.

Cleaning guide for tenant move-out:

  1. All Rooms
    1. Remove all nails, tacks, anchors, and window coverings from walls. These areas will need to be repaired and painted the same color and finish as the wall.
    2. Clean baseboards and corners – remove all dust and cobwebs.
    3. Clean floors and vacuum carpeting.
    4. Wash off shelves in closets and remove all hangers and shelf linings.
    5. Clean light/fan fixtures of dust, around light switches, and door frames.
    6. Clean out a/c filters.
  2. Kitchen
    1. Clean oven, oven walls, grills, broiler pan, proofing drawer, and storage
    2. Clean stove vent and filter
    3. Wipe kitchen cabinets (inside, outside, and on top). Remove all liners. Handle drawers in the same manner.
    4. Clean refrigerator including crisper, walls, and doors. Defrost freezer and remove all water. Clean behind, on top, and underneath – where possible.
    5. Clean sink and counter top.
    6. Clean floor.
    7. Clean light/fan fixtures of dust, around light switches, and door frames.
    8. Remove all cleaning solution residue.
  3. Bathroom(s)
    1. Clean all light/fan fixtures of dust, around light switches, and door frames.
    2. Clean medicine cabinet and mirrors (free from streaks).
    3. Sweep, mop, and clean all vinyl and tile flooring.
    4. Thoroughly clean toilet, sinks, cabinet, and tub/shower.
    5. Clean all wall/floor/tub/shower tile, grout, and caulk within appropriate cleaning solution.
    6. All soap dishes, handles, rack, faucets, and wall should be free of dirt and water stains.
    7. Remove all cleaning solution residue.
  4. Exterior, basements, out-buildings, and yard (if you are responsible for yard maintenance in your lease)
    1. Cut, rake, and remove trash and leaves from yard
    2. Sweep off all porches and decks
    3. Sweep out basement, carport, garage, and any out-buildings, leaving only those items which came with the property.
    4. Remove all trash, garbage, and debris from the property. Any items left for trash pick-up at the time of the move-out inspection will be hauled off at your expense.
    5. Return keys, access cards, remotes to IMG MANAGEMENT. You MUST deliver these to a IMG MANAGEMENT representative at the walk-through move-out inspection. Do not leave keys, access cards, and remotes inside the property without receiving written or verbal authorization from the property manager.